Premium Photogravure Plates

Our flagship polymer photogravure plate! All plate prices include FedEx Ground Shipping within the continental U.S. Other shipping options are available for an additional fee. Setup fees for Premium plate processing are not included in the prices below. We strongly recommend proofing with our Economy Proofing Plates first, to save time and money.

8 x 11" Premium Photogravure Plate

Our smallest sized Premium Photogravure plate offered!

14 x 19" Premium Photogravure Plate

This is the next size up from our 8x11" plates. Excellent size for presenting detailed work.

19 x 29" Premium Photogravure Plate

Wonderful size for immersing one's self in the work, this is the second-to-largest plate size we offer!

23 x 39" Premium Photogravure Plate

This is the LARGEST Premium Photogravure plate size we offer!