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Sell higher-end prints with us this Christmas Season! Contract Artists earn 60% of net profit on every sale! Deadline is October 15 at 11:59pm. No fees and no obligation.

Here's How it Works

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Intaglio Editions is now inviting monochromatic photographers, illustrators and painters to submit work for consideration in editioning under contract with us. As an artist under contract with Intaglio Editions, you should, if accepted, have a reasonable following of collectors and have an active social media profile. We will depend on you to use your personal client email list and social media resources to help sell the work of yours we may publish exclusively for sale on our website. This offer for submissions is in no way a guarantee for inclusion and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

  • You Submit Artwork and Personal Info securely to us.
  • We review your work, popularity, and other qualifications.
  • If accepted we will offer you a contract to edition your work with you, to sell on our online store until it sells out!
  • WE handle the production, ecommerce and order fulfilment.
  • YOU take 50% of Net Profit from each sale you make and will have access to Artist Proofs after a certain percentage of the edition sells.
  • No fees to the artist and no obligation unless accepted!

Clients wishing to pay to have fine photogravure editions made under your direction to sell themselves should, please visit this link.

Please read answer all questions truthfully to apply.
Be sure to click on the ORDER NOW or CONTINUE button when ready, and Good Luck! We look forward to seeing your work and how suitable it might be for our high-resolution, photogravure intaglio printing process!

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