If you're like me, you want your critical hardware available and running properly. After getting on a stepladder and bringing down the heavy, 80 pound head of my exposure unit from its perch to replace the metal halide bulb, I was amazed at the improvement.  While the wattage remains exactly the same, the quality of the newer bulb is providing better clarity and richer velvety black tones.

Whenever hardware changes I first verify the change worked and is actually an improvement!  I then run an exhaustive analysis of potential workflow changes I have been considering since the last recalibration effort occurred.  Through painstaking testing, proofing, and analysis, we have improved the richness and tonality of our plates for both photogravure and graphical printmaking. We are very pleased with the results and invite you to try one of our plates for just $99 including shipping, today!

Суббота, Июль 25, 2020

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