Now Offering: Custom Media Profiling!

Need help printing on custom paper or inks? Do your prints from polymer plate need a quality boost? Intaglio Editions now offers custom profiling for papers and inks for both inkjet ICC profiling, and for polymer photogravure plates and printing.  More here...

16th May 2024
Pricing increase, effective August 31, 2022!

Dear Artists, Due to an increase in our R&D and material costs, and after careful consideration, we have decided to increase our plate and editioning service pricing by 25%, effective August 31, 2022. We will also no longer offer economy pricing for "proofing plates". However we will be expanding the range of custom plate sizes ... Läs mer »

5th Aug 2022
Twelve Classic, Archival Fine Arts Papers Proofed!

We recently had the opportunity to test 12 fine arts papers of varying composition and thickness for use with Intaglio Editions Premium photogravure-quality plates.  Papers consisting of 100% Cotton Rag, Alpha Cellulose, and Gampi were tested.  Check out our results here.

11th Apr 2021
Intaglio Editions Olec 5k Exposure Unit has been recalibrated and is working better than ever!

If you're like me, you want your critical hardware available and running properly. After getting on a stepladder and bringing down the heavy, 80 pound head of my exposure unit from its perch to replace the metal halide bulb, I was amazed at the improvement.  While the wattage remains exactly the same, the quality of the newer bulb is providing ... Läs mer »

25th Jul 2020
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