Benefits of Intaglio Editions Plate Services

Intaglio Editions Plates

Better continuous tone prints and quality service are the main benefits we provide. Spend a little time testing expensive, high-quality polymer plates, you quickly see the cost and time spent testing adds up.  It doesn't take long before the value of our plate making service becomes clear -- especially to professional printmakers with deadlines, and artists with more of an interest in making art than testing photopolymer plates all day!

Perkins Palace Marquee, 1981 - Photo by Tony Levin

Intaglio Editions plates offer a technical leap in photogravure printmaking, delivering traditional accuracy, consistency, and aesthetics for printmakers of all levels.

We provide our artists with:

1. Precision-Engineered Plates: We ditched the guesswork long ago. Our high-resolution polymer plates are meticulously calibrated to the exact paper and ink being used for editioning. The plates are then exposed using tried and true proprietary techniques, guaranteeing superior ink hold and tonal range compared to other available options. Stop paying for inconsistent results and wasted materials. Intaglio Editions plates are made using traditional, double-exposures for maximum photographic tone.

2. Optimized Workflow for Efficiency: Time is precious. Our streamlined platemaking process, including calibration, cuts the guesswork from your workflow. Focus on printing your art, not on plate preparations. With Intaglio Editions as your partner deadlines become achievable goals, not looming anxieties.

3. Subtle Tonality, Artistic Traditions: Unleash the full potential of your vision using traditional printmaking. Intaglio Editions plates capture and translate subtle tonal variations in black and white artwork and photography with unprecedented accuracy. Bring your art to life with mesmerizing depth and detail. 

4. Expert Guidance, Every Step of the Way: Our commitment extends beyond the plate itself. We offer comprehensive consulting and technical support throughout your printmaking journey. No question is too technical, no challenge too daunting. Contact us to discuss your project today!

5. Archival Integrity – Prints that Last: Invest in longevity. Intaglio Editions plates and prints are crafted with archival materials and meticulous procedures, ensuring your artwork stands the test of time. Future generations will appreciate the enduring quality and exquisite detail.

Order a Custom Plate of your work to see the difference for yourself. We provide personalized service, as well as consulting on photogravure printmaking.
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